Who to contact

Before submitting a ticket, please consider where best to direct your query.

App developer - If you have recently installed an app and think it might be causing an issue, or you're having problems integrating one.

Expert or developer - If you've hired an expert or developer and think the issue may be caused from a customisation they've made, it's best to follow up with them first.

Shopify guru - If you're having an issue with pages unrelated to the theme such as the admin, or checkout.

Our theme support includes

  • General questions about theme functionality and technical capabilities.
  • Help with setting up theme features and configuring the theme settings.
  • Any Shopify compatibility issues arising from a fresh theme install.
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues.
  • Assistance with theme setup and basic styling adjustments up to 1 hour.

Beyond theme support

  • Troubleshooting platform issues directly related to Shopify.
  • Adding new functionality that requires custom coding.
  • Installing or managing compatibility with third-party apps.
  • Fixing bugs or errors related to third-party apps or theme customizations.
  • Making store customizations documented in Shopify's Help Center.
  • Upgrading your theme to the latest version. If you'd like to update, check out our guide on how to update your theme.

Theme tweaks and customizations

We want to see you get the most from our themes and understand you may need to tailor themes out-of-the-box to suit your specific needs. For theme tweaks and custom development outside the scope of our support we recommend the following:

Carson Shopify Experts are available on-demand for commonly requested theme tweaks and small jobs with a quick turnaround.

Storetasker connects you directly with Shopify Experts for theme customizations including general additions to functionality, theme updates, third-party app configuration and more.

Shopify expert for major changes or if you're looking for a lot of ongoing work.

Looking to attach a screenshot or screencast? You can use the free tool Monosnap to send us a link in your message.