Mosaic Shopify Theme


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Mosaic is a premium Shopify theme built on a unique tile-based framework that allows for advanced flexibility when creating your store. Create minimal one-page store designs to complex tessellations that combine products, imagery and video - not just a story, a story.

Version 1.0.6 - February 24th 2016 - View Changelog


✔ Responsive

✔ Retina Ready

✔ Multi-Level Navigation

✔ Grid vs list views for quick shop

✔ Instagram widget

✔ Fullscreen product galleries

✔ Quick search without page refreshes

✔ Mailchimp integration

✔ Free Upgrades Forever 

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Create unique storefront layouts on-the-fly using
Mosaic's tile-based framework.

Up to 20 content tiles can be utilized as building blocks to create unique storefront layouts and engaging product and brand stories. You can arrange these tiles creatively between content types from imported page content, products and social feeds.

Bundled with 4 unique presets to get you started

Real Stores using Mosaic

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